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General Hospital

We know Drama

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This is a role playing game set in the town of Port Charles following the story lines of the soap opera, General Hospital.

Check out the OOC community:



1) One person can play up to 3 characters, unless provided special permission.

2) Keep the characters as "in character" as possible.

3) No arguing amongst yourselves.

4)Please, when speaking out of character put in brackets or parentheses. () []

5) No posting spoilers or gossip; there are other communities for that.

6) Email me at aimee.hutto@gmail.com with the character request.

7) Update at least once a week, or keep up with all comments on posts involving you.

Taken Characters

prince_of_pc::Sonny Corinthos
notagreatdad::Luke Spencer
iamsuperdoctor::Steven Webber
carlybabes::Carly Corinthos
motheroftheyear::Alexis Davis
williveforever:: Helena Cassadine
wannabelikedad::Diego Alcazar
lovetheleather::Jason Morgan
nursespencer::Bobbie Spencer
jasper_jacks:: Jasper Jacks
loyalboduguard:: Max
lucaslorenzojr:: Lucky Spencer
aj_quartermaine:: A.J. Quartermaine
lo_alcazar:: Lorenzo Alcazar
pc_soccer_star:: Lucas Jones
mini_mobster::Michael Corinthos the third
carlys_baby_boy:: Morgan Corinthos
sam_mc::Sam McCall
ric_lansing:: Ric Lansing
aguyskindofguy:: Guy
m_a_x_i_e:: Maxie Jones
dr_drake:: Patrick Drake
help_me_helpyou:: Dr. Lainey Winters
doc_scorpio:: Robin Scorpio
dr_drakes_dad:: Noah Drake
commishscorpio:: Mac Scorpio
sweetsurvivor:: Elizabeth Webber
sweetandkind:: Emily Quartermaine
anna_devane:: Anna Devane
court_matthews:: Courtney Matthews
royalbyblood:: Nikolas Cassadine
littlelesleylu:: Lulu Spencer
iamaprodigy:: Dillon Quartermaine

Original Characters

helen_lowery:: Helen Lowery
kalies_secret:: Kalie Stevens

Moderated and maintained by carlybabes, prince_of_pc, and dr_drake.

Check the first post to see where the storyline starts.