Ric Lansing (ric_lansing) wrote in rpg_gh_drama,
Ric Lansing

Ric at one of Alcazar's safehouses ( attn AJ )

So far his day had been a busy one, and it was hard to get everything done that was on his list of things to do. That's what happened when he tried to juggle everything all at once. He still hadn't returned Sam's call ( which he fully intended on doing as soon as he was freed up for any length of time ), and he had decided to call and check on Alexis -- although wanting to discuss their pending divorce or custody arrangement wasn't a brilliant idea if she was still hung over. Regardless, he wanted to talk to her although she would undoubtedly be avoiding him after 'making a fool of herself' the night before. However, he didn't hold it against her. She was going through a difficult time, and everyone had ways of dealing with their problems. His methods weren't any better, and normally they were more harmful and had bigger consequences. Having too much wine would've been the least of his problems at any given time.

After he and Carly parted ways, he followed the directions he'd been given and arrived at the designated safehouse - one of Alcazar's he presumed. A brief glance was shot over his shoulder before he balled his hand into a tight fist and knocked on the door. When there was no immediate answer, he would assume the worst: that AJ had gone on a binge and was passed out. If he wasn't, he'd give him one more chance. He knocked again - this time harder than before - and this time he leaned in to speak. "It's Ric. Carly sent me. If you don't answer the door, I'm going straight to Sonny." It wasn't a threat he planned on carrying out at the moment, but it was always a possibility. Especially if AJ blew whatever chance this was he was working on currently. Dedication and determination was important. Even if no one had anything else positive to say about Ric, they could say he was determined, driven, and consistent. Those traits were some of the key elements needed to win.

Arms hung loosely down by his sides as he impatiently waited for an answer - or for AJ to just open the door. Weight was shifted from one leg to the other as he stood knowing the longer he stood out here, the higher the risk was of him being seen by one of Alcazar's men or anyone else that might happen by, not that that was likely.
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