Carly Corinthos (carlybabes) wrote in rpg_gh_drama,
Carly Corinthos

*...Carly taking a walking and leaving Ric a voicemail...*

Once A.J. was settled in Alcazar’s safe house Carly went for a walk. She needed time to think. Integrating A.J. back into her life would be difficult. Besides having his own family and legal issues there were her issues to consider.

Sure she had a way with Sonny and Jason but could she really convince them not kill A.J. Carly had no idea but she had to try. What Carly was most afraid of was Sonny dragging her into court with a custody battle.

And what about Ric? He and A.J. seemed to have bonded but she wasn’t sure he was on the level. Ric always wanted to be in Sonny’s good graces and what better way than to sell out A.J. and Carly. She had to know.

Carly took out her cell phone and dialed Ric’s number. She got his voice mail. Carly took a deep breath and made sure her voice sounded light and happy instead of suspicious and worried. “Hey Ric, since you and I bonded on our little trip I thought I would give you a call just to see how life is treating you. I must say my feelings have been hurt; you haven’t called or come to see me once since the kidnappings. That wounds me Ric.” Carly paused, “Call me when you get this. I wanted to discuss…” Carly paused again, “I wanted to discuss a mutual friend who is need of our help.” She hung up the phone and sat down on a bench. This was becoming more and more complicated by the minute.
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