Courtney Matthews (court_matthews) wrote in rpg_gh_drama,
Courtney Matthews

Courtney at Wyndemere atten Nikolas

Courtney was pacing at the front door of Wyndemere trying to get the courage to knock. Nikolas must hurt and furious. That was totally understandable. Finally Courtney pushed her long blonde locks off her shoulders and knocked on the door.

A moment later the door was opened by one of young woman who identified herself as the new nanny. Courtney said she needed to speak to speak with Nikolas. The nanny led Courtney to the living room and said she would get Mr. Cassadine immediately.

Courtney smoothed her skirt and sat down. She wondered if she looked okay and what Nikolas would think of her now?
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Nikolas watched her from the doorway for a moment. She was even more beautiful than he remembered. He tried to chosoe his wrods before approaching her but he couldn't think straight.

"Courtney?" he said. "Hi"
Courtney stood up; she stood a little too quickly and her leg almost gave out from under her. She reminded herself that she still had injuries and needed to move a little more slowly.

Courtney eyed Nikolas. He looked so sad. Was that her fault?

"Nikolas." she said. "We need to talk"
Nikolas crosseed his arms, "Yeah, I would say we do..." Nikolas said. he moved closer to her. "Courtney, how did this happen?" he asked. "Why didn't you come to me and to your son?"