Elizabeth Webber-Spencer (sweetsurvivor) wrote in rpg_gh_drama,
Elizabeth Webber-Spencer

Elizabeth at Sonny's safehouse attn Ric

Tired and swollen blue eyes peered through half-closed lids towards a digital clock lying beside her. 10:02am. As a reward for constantly picking up extra shifts at General Hospital, she was given today and tomorrow off. She hadn't been used to sleeping in as of late, and her mind wandered off to Cameron, who was probably wide awake in the next room waiting on her to feed him breakfast.

She finally decided to slip out of bed, running her hands over her flannel pajamas to "iron" out any wrinkles. She quietly strolled into Cameron's room, and of course his wide eyes were staring right at her with a bright smile across his face. She lifted him into her arms, sighing as they both exited the room together.

She had stayed up late the night before, eating sandwiches and talking to Ric. He was nice enough to stray from the subject of Lucky all night long, and in return she decided not to bring up Alexis. Instead, they talked about vague subjects that brought laughter into the room and kept their minds off their problems, which is what they both needed. Ric mentioned he was leaving at about a quarter of 3 in the morning, and that's when she headed to bed herself.

Strangely enough, though, Elizabeth felt refreshed and a little more confident in her decision to abandon Lucky for the time being. She was giggling with Cameron and cooing with him when she saw Ric standing in front of the couch, folding up a blanket. She stopped in her tracks, her mouth slightly parted.

"Did you- Were you here all night?"
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