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Carly Corinthos

Carly at Jakes atten A.J.

Carly entered Jakes quietly; Coleman was there but he didn't say a word to her. She climbed the stairs and found A.J.'s room. Carly knocked but didn’t give A.J. a chance to answer. She opened the door and walked in. Her eyes were closed as she walked in hoping and praying A.J. hadn’t picked up some girl or that worse yet, she hoped he wasn’t drunk. “I hope you are alone” Carly called her eyes still closed, “And I hope you have clothes on” She opened her eyes and grinned, “Not that I haven’t seen you naked before…”
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AJ had been sitting on the bed reading a local newspaper he'd swiped from a table downstairs. His eyes shot up at the sound of knocking on his door. He leapt to his feet, but the door started to open before he could make the distance to answer it. Eyes were wide, as he feared who might walk through that door. There was a heavy sigh and a shake of his head as Carly stepped in.

"Jesus Carly, you trying to give me a heart attack?" There was a small grin as he searched her face and noted her closed eyes. She was adorable, standing there, eyes opening, grin on her face. There was a glance down at his somewhat dirty jeans and tee-shirt. "Yeah... sure you could help improve what I'm calling a wardrobe these days." AJ felt his face redden at the mention of her seeing him naked before. He laughed nervously. "Well yeah... but..." But what? As his mind raced, he turned his back on her for a moment, surveying the dingy room he was currently residing in.

Eyes were back on Carly as he tried to hide how uncomfortable he was. "I'd offer you a glass of champagne... but Coleman tells me he's all out of the good stuff." AJ was glad to see her, but didn't know how to show it. Unsure of every move he made since his return to Port Charles. He hadn't had a drink since the night before at the auction. Emily had been right. AJ needed to stay sober if he wanted Carly to be any part of his life. If she'd let him, that was.
Carly sighed in relief. He was sober and he was alone. "Yeah but what..." carly teased. She loved making guys uncomfortable. Carly was flirting and she knew it. Where would this lead? No idea but she would take it as far as she could. For a moment she thought about her night with Max, not only had Max confessed to loving her but he urged her to confess her feelings to the man she loved- A.J.. But she couldn't do it. Carly couldn't stand to be rejected.

She sat her purse down on the bedside table and looked around the room. "We have to get you out of here" Carly said shaking her head. "This room is pathetic especially for a Quartermaine" She reached into her pocket and tossed him a set of keys, "Which is why I did some wheeling and dealing and got you a place to stay" she told him.

Carly sat down on A.J.'s bed. "Leticia is with the boys. Helen is at my moms...I have all night to get you moved in and set up in your new place of residence."
AJ grinned back at her. "... but that was when I could afford to stay in five star hotels." His eyes surveyed the room again, eyes anywhere but on Carly. "You're too good for a place like this now." He imagined how Sonny had lavished her with anything she had ever wanted. In the position he was in now, AJ could barely afford flowers and candy and even then he couldn't go out in public to shop.

He agreed with her on some level. AJ didn't want to stay at Jake's and yet he almost let his pride get in the way when it came to accepting her help. An eyebrow was raised. "Who exactly did you have to wheel and deal to get me better digs?" He caught the keys. There was a weariness about how Carly may have procured the new residence she was talking about. "Carly.. I don't want to get you in any more trouble..." He sat down on the bed beside her, but kept a safe distance, not wanting to overstep.

There was a nod at the mention of her daughter. AJ wasn't sure if he should tell her that the two had met briefly at the bachelor's auction. "How's Michael?" It was asked sincerely and he smiled weakly.
Carly laughed, "Never thought you would say I was too good for something" she said softly. She eyed the room, "I still love Jakes. Sonny...Sonny wouldn't come here with me. Only Jason will hang with me here sometimes. It reminds me of who i used to be. Granted, I wasn't that great back then but it keeps me grounded reminds me I could easily end up back in the dirt"

Carly winked at A.J. "I know people. Lots of people." she told him. The truth was Carly didn't want to tell him who she got the house from. She grew serious, "It doesn't matter A.J. Just accept it. It wasn't Sonny if that is what you were wondering." She paused.

"Michael is ok. Lucas tried to kill himself and Michael is a little shaken up. The kid is scared that I might...I might try something like that if I get lonely. I assured him that I wouldn't. He says he is ok with me dating but I guarantee if I were to bring a guy home who wasn't Sonny he would have a grand tantrum." She made eye contact with A.J. and scooted closer to him. "But Michael doesn't choose who I spend time with and neither does Sonny"
The smile was gone from his face as he recalled the way he'd treated Carly in the past. The things he'd said about her. He looked away for a moment, words barely audible. "You're also too good for me..." It was how he truly felt. AJ had seen so much strength in Carly in the days following the kidnappings. His eyes were back on her, a hand covering hers. "Carly... you deserved better back then..." He was referring to the way the Quartermaines had acted like Carly was trash. There was a lot of regret as he recalled those days.

AJ couldn't help but smile when she winked. "As long as you promise me that you keep Sonny out of this... for both our sakes." He had an idea of who may have provided the residence for Carly, but he didn't want to argue with her. There was a sigh. "Fine, I'll stay at this place you had to wheel and deal for."

He nodded, glad to hear that Michael was okay. There was concern on his face at the mention of her brother. "Lucas tried to commit suicide? Why? What's going on?" AJ hadn't known Lucas all that well, but he was Carly's family and that meant something to him. "I wish I could tell Michael that you'll be okay... that something like that won't happen to you." He looked down as the distance between them closed, before making eye contact again. There was doubt in his voice. "What would they think if they knew you were here with me?"
Carly didn't know hoe to respond to his words. "I am not...I wasn't..." She blinked back tears. "A.J.- I was really messed up back then." she said. "I am better now. I really hope you will get the chance to get to know the new me"

She clasped her hands together when he agreed to stay at Lorenzo's safe house. "Thank you" she said.

"Lucas, had a rough year." she said with a sad sigh. "Tony died and Lucas came out of the closet. He is gay and I am proud of him. But it's been rough. The Michael was kidnapped while Lucas was watching was all too much. He is getting help" she told A.J. "I think I made Michael understand that I have a lot to live for." When A.J made eye contact again Carly flashed her best smile and leaned in closer. "I don't care, do you?"
AJ's heart fell as Carly fought back the tears. He wanted to taker her in his arms and hold her, but he was still afraid to get to close to her. "Carly... it's okay. Really." He sighed, feeling like there was a lump in his throat trying to get the words out. "There's so much I regret, but I hope you'll see that I'm trying to change." He brushed a stray hair out of her face and then instantly froze back up, feeling like she'd recoil at his touch. "I know you're different now, but I've always liked who you are... no matter what I said or did." If she'd allow him, he'd spend more time with her to see how her life had changed.

He nodded. "As long as you're not indebted to some mobster now... then I'll gladly stay wherever it is this house is."

AJ listened intently as she spoke, shocked at how much he'd missed since he'd left Port Charles under the guise of being dead. "Wow.... I'm sorry to hear about Tony Jones. He was a good man." He felt horrible at the news that Lucas had been watching Michael when he'd been taken. "I truly hope Lucas will be okay... and I'm sorry. I really am." There was a desire for revenge against Helena Cassadine, but he knew that he needed to stay out of sight.

He smiled back at her, nearly holding his breath as she moved closer. When he let the breath out, nervous laughter followed. "No... I really don't care what they think, but I don't want anyone to punish you if they find out you're with me."
"Well, then maybe we should see where this thing with us goes" she told him. The moment she said it she wished she could take it back. Carly took a deep breath and gathered her courage. "I mean we didn't do so well the first time. Maybe this is our second chance"

Caly reached over and took A.J.'s hand, "Do you believe in second chances?"
His eyes light up briefly before the ever present doubt set in again. Why would Carly want him when so many other men in Port Charles were probably be chasing her? AJ searched her face, wishing her knew what she was really thinking, before the nervous laughter set in.

"That's an understatement." He said in regards to past relationship. He thought about her words for a moment and stared down at the hand she'd rested on his. With a sigh, he replied.

"I don't think anyone's ever offered me a second chance..." AJ turned away from her. But was that true? Had he been so awash in self pity and loathing that he couldn't see the times people had tried to help him yet again? When his gaze fell on her again, he squeezed her hand. "Do you really want me in your life Carly? Can you forget the past?" He cleared his throat. "I want to start over... but I can't ask you to hide me forever..." If he wanted a shot at a new life, he'd have to first face his past... even if it meant jail time.
Carly still felt nervous but she psuhed on, "Yes, A.J.- I want you in my life but...there are rules. You cannot subject Michael to the Quartermaine's. I know they are your family but Edward was so horrible to you...and to your dad. He treats Dillon the same way and I don't want anyone demeaning or belittling my son. Rules number two, the first time I catch you drinking I am walking away. That might seem cold but I can't raise Michael around an Alcoholic. Rule number three, do not try and convince me to sever ties with Sonny or Jason, Sonny and I have raised Michael and Morgan together. Michael would be heartbroken if he lost Sonny, and Jason- he is my best friend. I will never turn my back on him."

Carly brushed her hair out of her eyes, "I want me and you to have another chance. I was so obsessed with Jason the first time. I felt trapped. I thought I hated you, but I didn't. When you died...or when I thought you were dead it broke my heart. I felt so responsible."

Carly's head was spinning, "You're right. No relationship will survive like this. But for now, stay hidden. I will come and visit as much as I can- ever chance I get I will be with you. Let me talk to Ric and see what we can do about keeping you out of prison." Carly smiled, she felt breathless. She was sure she was flushed. "I wont let you down this time."

Carly laughed, "When I leave you tonight I have to go and break up with Jax...and Steven." she said. "I know what I want now"

She was so excited about the turn of events but she wondered how to handle Sonny and Jason, "It will take a lot of time to figure out a way to deal with Sonny and Jason...but I will. I promise."
He listened solemnly as she spoke, not quite sure he could abide her rules and yet wanting her in his life enough to try.

"I wouldn't dream of subjecting Michael to my family. Although, I hope you don't object to Emily and Skye." AJ was silent for a moment, wondering if Emily had told Skye of his return to Port Charles. He also thought of his parents and grandfather. A part of him wanted so badly to reunite with his family, but he realized that it probably wouldn't be possible. They would never forgive him for all he'd done. After taking a breathe, he spoke again. "I want to stay sober... but it won't be easy. I can only promise to do my best where that's concerned." The last rule was a bitter pill to swallow. "Fine... I won't ask you to shut Jason or Sonny out of your life." He paused, trying to imagine their reactions when they found out he was alive. "Although, if they want to kill me... what would you do then?"

He could feel his heart beat faster when she said that she'd been hurt by his death. A hand went to her cheek, caressing the skin lightly before his nerves forced him to pull away again. "I'm sorry... I didn't think you'd care if I were dead. In fact... I thought my death would make you happy." AJ's eyes were downcast, trying to hide the sorrow he now felt.

His gaze fell on her again, still unable to grasp the fact that she wanted him in her life. "I'll stay hidden... for now." He sighed. "If Lansing wants to help, then I'd be grateful. As long as you don't have to owe anyone..." AJ hoped that she wasn't asking Lorenzo Alcazar for help in hiding him. She'd seen them dancing the night of the Bachelor's Auction and knew that he probably couldn't say no to her. What man in his right mind could? He was falling for her again and hoped she wouldn't break the heart he'd already thought was broken beyond repair.

AJ's eyes went wide. "You're dating Jax? Wow. And who's Steven?" He couldn't help but laugh. "Guess you have a lot of hearts to break, huh? You better get going before they come looking for you..." He didn't want her to leave, and yet he knew she had to. He was solemn again. "I hope we can figure out a way to deal with Sonny and Jason that won't lead to my death... for real this time." AJ closed the distance between them and held her, but just for a minute. When he pulled away he smiled. "Promise me you'll be careful?"
Carly grimaced when he mentioned Emily and Skye. “Fine, I can deal with Emily and Skye. Truth is Emily and I have been getting along pretty well since she and Sonny started dating. Skye isn’t that bad; we have very little interaction to be honest. The only Qaurtermaine’s I am dead set against are Edward and Tracy. Monica and Alan don’t bother me that much- they dislike me and I dislike them but we have managed to remain pleasant and behave like adults. But Edward could do some serious damage to Michael’s psyche, I hope you understand and…Tracy is just evil.” She paused and nodded when he spoke of the struggle with Alcohol. “A.J. as long as you make an effort I am proud.” Then he agreed to tolerate Sonny and Jason’s presence in her life. She smiled and felt tears sting her eyes, “Thank you A.J., that…that means the world to me” She felt panicked when he asked what she would of if they tried to kill him. She shook her head so fast and quick that her hair flew into her face. She brushed it back before speaking, “No, they wont…I can…I can make them understand. They do listen to me, Jason especially. I am not going to let anyone hurt you.

She smiled sadly, “I can understand why you would think that and at first when I was in denial your death did make me happy. Then all the memories floated back about you and me…I looked at Michael and I saw you. I felt …I feel like all of the bad things that have happened to you were my fault. “

“I am glad you are being cooperative A.J. and I promise Ric will help. If he doesn’t want to then I will find a way to coerce him. Blackmail or something…” she was thinking of anything she could hold over Ric’s head. She paused and asked, “That is like nine hundredth time you have implied I owe someone. Who do you think I owe? I told you it wasn’t Sonny or Jason who helped me.”

She laughed about Jax and Steven. “I am not really dating Jax. I kind of fell in love with him. We did date and then he abandoned me. Just like everyone else. He is back in town and sniffing around again. Actually breaking his heart will be fun for me. I was really hurt when he left. “ Carly felt a slight twinge when she thought about Steven, “I really do hate to hurt Steven though. He is Elizabeth Webber’s brother. He is a really great friend. He has always had thing for me and I might have been able to fall for him but…he is too much of a good guy. That sounds bizarre, I know. Woman should want the good guy but we want a little bit of danger. And Steven is about as dangerous as lime jello. But he is really nice. Jax will just find another woman but Steven he is probably going to be pretty hurt. I never should have started it. He was way too sweet for me. I thought I could change that part of my personality but…” Carly grinned, “I will always like my boys a little on the bad side.”

“I guess we better go and get you set up in your new place.” Carly said reluctantly. She melted into A.J.’s quick embrace and was really disappointed when he pulled away. “I always careful, you know that sweetie.” She reached into her purse. She handed him piece of paper with the safe house address. She also handed him an envelope. “There is a hundred thousand dollars in cash in there be careful with it. It will take time before I could get more money.” Carly put her hand over his mouth and pressed her face close to his. ‘Do not argue with me A.J. I want you to have the money. And before you ask I didn’t borrow it from anyone…or steal it- that is my savings. I want to give it to you. “

Carly gracefully stood up and then offered A.J. her hand, “Ready?”

AJ maintained eye contact while she spoke, although he'd frowned when she mentioned Sonny dating his sister. That was something he probably would never be able to accept. "I feel like I owe Skye and Emily... and I'll be lucky if they give me another chance as well." His eyes were downcast for a moment before meeting her gaze again. "I agree with you... Edward and Tracy shouldn't be permitted to influence ANY child." He gave her a half smile. "I don't want Michael anywhere near them. I'm not even sure if he'll want to be around me..."

He smiled sincerely at her, her words meaning so much to him. "I'll try my best to stay sober... I-I don't want to hurt anyone else... especially you Carly." He had been tempted to push the strand of hair out of her face, but she'd done so herself. His expression was serious again. "I don't want you fighting my battles. I'll have to deal with Sonny and Jason face to face eventually. There's a chance they'll send someone to kill me and I don't want you to get hurt in the process." He tried to smile and be brave. "I appreciate everything you're doing for me, really I do... but I could never forgive myself if you were hurt helping me."

He couldn't help but laugh at her mention of blackmailing Ric if need be. "Carly, please don't resort to that. Lansing said he would help me and I actually believe the guy." This time he reached out and brushed her hair back, before dropping his hand back to his side. "You've never been more beautiful..." It had been what he'd been thinking and without warning the words had spilled out. With a nervous glance away, he changed the subject. "I'm not sure who you might owe for helping me hide out... but I don't want you owing anyone. Got it?"

He nearly felt dizzy as she spoke of the men in her life and couldn't help but laugh at the mention of Elizabeth's brother being as dangerous as lime jello. AJ winked at her. "Hey... sometimes the nicest guys are the most dangerous." He smiled again. "Hope I'm not messing up your love life." He looked down again for a moment. When he met her gaze again he put a hand on hers. "I want you to be happy. That's what matters most."

AJ could get lost in her arms; the whole world would have disappeared, but he couldn't risk rejection or putting her in harms way. "Just promise me again. I need to know you'll be safe." He took the paper and envelope from her, shock on his face. "I can't take this kind of cash from you..." His words were cut off by Carly's hand on his mouth. In some ways she hadn't changed at all. When she removed her hand from his mouth, he nodded. "I'll only use what I need and I'll pay you back the rest.. whatever it takes." He took her hand and stood. "Ready. Let's do this."
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Carly was glad A.J. agreed with her about Edward Quartermaine. In fact she and A.J seemed to be able to agree on everything thus far or at least they could compromise. It made Carly happy.

“I understand you not wanting me to fight your battles A.J. but…I have a special way of dealing with Sonny and Jason. Neither of them would ever hurt me, you have to know that. If I can make Jason listen to me and believe me then he can help me with Sonny. And if you give Michael time I am sure he will at least give you a chance.”

Carly pouted a little, “I am not saying I am going to blackmail Ric, I said if I had to I would. You may trust Ric but I have a thousand reasons not to. I mean A.J. then man made me believe he had raped me. He chained me to a wall when I was pregnant. Maybe Ric is different now…he did help save Michael but…I need time to trust Ric Lansing ok?”

When A.J. blurted out the line about her being beautiful she blushed. “You look pretty great yourself,” Carly mumbled. She sighed, “I don’t owe anyone. The person who helped did out of the goodness of his heart.”

Carly laughed and shook her head, “No. A.J. you aren’t messing up my love life. You are fixing my love life. You know it was mess. I haven’t been the same since Sonny divorced me the last time. I did some crazy things. I thought I couldn’t live without Sonny, now I know I can’t live with him. It’s nice to finally feel…free of Sonny Corinthos. He will always be my friend but we will never fall in love again. “Carly cleared her throat and felt a little awkward. Sonny had to be a sore spot with A.J. and Carly blathering on about him had to sting A.J. a little bit. “What I am trying to say is – you want me to be happy and I am. I just think you and I need to take things slow. If we rush into something then we could both get hurt.”

When A.J. took the money Carly sighed in relief, now she didn’t have to worry about it. “I am hoping once you are moved to the safe house….” She paused and regretted saying that. Safe house implied mob business. A.J. would know someone in the business of organized crime helped her. “Once you are moved to your new house” Carly corrected herself, “I am hoping Skye and Emily will stop by and check on you for me. If I come every night then it will look suspicious.”

When A.J. stood and took Carly’s hand she grinned and pulled him toward the door. “Hurry, the sooner I get you set up there the sooner I can call Ric” And the sooner I can have you back in my life.
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He grinned at her. "I know you have a way with Sonny and Jason... but not sure if you could convince them to let me live." It was the truth and he was trying to have a sense of humor with her about it, instead of revealing the fear he truly felt.

She was adorable when she pouted. Although what she said about Ric Lansing disturbed him, as some of it was news to him. "I just don't want you getting in over your head, Carly... not on my account." His expression was serious. "I'm not asking you to trust Ric, only to get word to him that I may need his help. I don't want to put you in an awkward position."

He hadn't expected her to blush and she was even more beautiful in his eyes at that moment. "Don't try to make me feel better, Carly... pretty sure I look like a mess." He looked away for a moment, before returning his gaze to her. "But thanks... I mean it." There was a grin on his face again. "So, this mystery man that's helping us out has a good heart huh?" He wouldn't press the issue further although there was curiosity still about who the man was.

Hearing about Sonny did indeed unnerve him, but AJ did not blame Carly. He nodded. "I understand and yeah, we should take it slow... for both of our sakes." He covered her hand with his again. Mention of a safe house did make him nervous and he figured that the assistance had to be coming from Alcazar as he believe her when she said that it wasn't from Sonny or Jason. He chose not to comment on that as it could start an argument. "I'd love to see Em and Skye... if they want anything to do with me."

Holding hands like that with her felt so nature and put him at ease with the situation. He smiled at her, squeezing her hand. "The sooner you're more a part of my life the better." With that they headed out the door and to his new hideout, wherever that might be.