Emily Bowen Quatermiane (sweetandkind) wrote in rpg_gh_drama,
Emily Bowen Quatermiane

Emily at Sonny's atten anyone

Emily was waiting for Sonny to wake up and drinking a cup of coffee. She was worried about Elizabeth and she was worried about Lucky. '

Lucky had called her many times and she lied to him. That bothered her. But Emily was lying to a lot of people these days.

Her mind drifted to A.J. and she sighed deeply. If Sonny ever found about A.J. then her brother would die and she would lose Sonny forever. Lying felt foreign to Emily and made her feel awful. This wasn't her.
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Sam thought about going to see Sonny but was more than happy to see Emily in the window. She smiled & rang the doorbell. Emily was the closest thing Sam had ever had to a female friend. She fluffed her hair a little bit as she waited.
Emily was beyond nervous so when the doorbell rAng she jumped to her feet and let out a little gasp. She put her hand to her chest and chastised herself for behaving this way. Emily got to her feet and made her way to the door.

She smield and brushed the hair out of her eyes when she saw Sam standing there. It had been a while since the two had really talked. "Hi" Emily said. Her pulse was still racing from The anxiety she had been feeling lately. Emily stepped back and motioned for Sam to come inside. "Are you here to see Sonny because he is still sleeping. But you can wait here with me if you would like?"
Sam smiled & looked at Emily. "I was actually here to finish some busniess with Sonny, but you are the best added bonus I could ask for." She said going in & shutting the door behind her. Emily looked worried & tired. "You okay?" she said, tilting her head down.
Emily sighed and nodded, "Yeah" Emily said leading Sam into the livingroom. "I am fine. I am just..." she ran her hands through her hair, "I think I am losing Sonny and I might be pregnant" Emily blurted out. Of course she was leaving out all the stuff about A.J. but she had no choice.

Emily realized before the kidnapping that she might be pregnant. She didn't have the nerve to take a test yet and Sam was the first person she had told. "I am sorry" Emily said sitting down. "You just got here and I am laying all my problems on you. I am sure you have some of your own. Are you ok? When people come to see Sonny they usually have problems they need 'taken care of'" she grinned.
Sam let her jaw drop. "You are pregnant! Or might be!?!" Sam said excitedly then corrected herself. "I'm sorry, babies just get me excited I guess." she blushed a little bit. "Why are you going to lose Sonny?" she asked, & then regreted it...Alexis. Alexis & Ric were over, letting Alexis go after Sonny. It was all her fault. She felt guilty suddenly.
Emily smiled in spite of herself, "Yeah, I might be. I have an appointment later today with Dr.Lee. I guess I will find out soon enough." When Sam asked about Sonny Emily sighed, "I don't know what is going on with Sonny but he has been distant lately. I think- no, I know- he is going to break up with me" she paused and looked around, "I think there is someone else"
Sam debated in her heart. "I know how a break up with Sonny goes...It's hard. It's very hard. But you are strong, you will be fine without him." She said, giving her a reasurring tap on the sholder. "I promise..."
Emily smiled, "You're right. I know you are. It's just I gave up so much to be with him. I almost lost Jason. I thought Sonny and I were the real deal."

Emily decided for now to change the subject, "So, how are you and Jason?" she asked. "I really hope you guys get back together. He was so happy with you."
"Jason & I are..complicated even more so now, I guess you could say..." Sam tried to change the subject back as easily as she could. "But with Sonny, I mean you don't know for sure that it's over..."
Emily let her gaze go to the stairs, making sure Sonny wasn't there and then she looked back at Sam. "I guess," Emily said sadly. "I guess I don't know for sure. But call it womans intuition. Call it whatever, I feel a dangerous shift and it makes me ...so sad. I wish I knew what to do. I really do"
Sam sighed & looked at Emily. She looked & sounded like she needed anwsers, even if they were bad. Sam started to open her mouth, dying to tell Emily about Alexis & Ric & the whole thing. But she closed it, it wasn't her place & she wasn't wanting to get in the middle of this even more.

She gave Em a thoughtful pat. "Well, I should really get going, but if you need me, call, okay? I'm here for you, Em..."

She got up & hugged Emily. Smiling & then leaving.