pc_soccer_star (pc_soccer_star) wrote in rpg_gh_drama,

Lucas attn Bobbie; Anyone

Lucas had made a good friend with Skye, and hoped things worked out for her. He was actually feeling a little better about himself as he headed back to his dorm room. As he opened the door, he noticed a note fall off and to the ground, addressed to him.

Lucas picked the note up and sat on his bed as he opened it.


Things aren't going to work between us. You're a great guy, and I know someday you'll find someone who will appreciate you and love you. But I can't be that man. I'm sorry. By the time you read this I'll be on a bus to California. I hope you find yourself, Lucas.

-Guy Tucker'

Lucas closed his eyes as he let the note fall to the ground. The one person he thought he could count on had just left him. He tried not to let the tears come, but it was difficult. He looked at his watch. He had to call someone before the depression took hold again. But it was late, and Lainey was probably still on her auction date, and Dillon was trying to make peace with Lulu, and he didn't want to disrupt that.

Lucas leaned back and tried to tell himself that things would be alright, but he just couldn't convince himself.
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