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Sam at Kelly's attention anyone.

After leaving Sonny's, Sam felt horrible. She knew she should have spilled it all to sweet Emily, But she had to have her own back. She would have felt horrible knowing that Emily knew this was all her fault. A cup of coffee was the temporary cure, she thought as she entered Kelly's & sat down at a table. She opened the menu & looked around. S
he thought for a moment. Emily wanted to know? Would she honestly want to know if say Jason was with another woman. Or even Ric. She debated for a moment. Should she talk to Alexis, ask questions of her & get everything clear. She quickly stopped thinking that. She could see in her brain how that would work out, & the anwser was not well. She then thought of Ric again. That's who she needed to talk to. Digging into her purse for her phone, she thought of what to say. Quickly finding his number & waiting for him to anwser. "Hi, you've reached Ric Lansing. Leave a message & I'll get back to you." beep. She took a breathe.

"Hey, Ric...It's Sam. Uhm, yeah we need to talk, soon." she laughed alittle bit. "I have something to tell you & I don't think you are going to be very happy...So, uhm, call me back."

She snapped her phone shut & held it for a minute. Thinking about how she had told Sonny, & how hurt Emily was. She had to tell him. Sam then though of Jason. Someone else she had to tell the whole truth. Then her thoughts turned bitter. Screw him, he was running around with Courtney, even if it was all a faceade, he still was with her. & she loved him, Sam knew all too well how loving him felt. It never left your heart. Love for Jason was like a tattoo on your heart or something. She wondered what he was doing right now.
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Alexis walked into Kelley's in need of a cup of coffee. Her hangover was gone but her emabarssment was still very much there. How could she get drunk in front of Ric? It was ridiculous.

Alexis was about to find a table when she saw Sam. She debated whether or not to approach her. Finally Alexis decided to at least say Hello, she worried about Sam alhtough she would never tell her that.

"Hello Sam" Alexis said. "How are you?"
Sam smiled a little bit. Alexis looked a little worried "Hi, I am okay..How about you?" Sam hoped this wouldn;t get akward.
Alexis smiled, "I am ...fine." she said, not quite believing it herself. This was not a question she wanted to ask her daughter but she had no chocie, "Have you see Sonny?" Alexis asked. "I have been trying to call him but I can't reach him."
"I haven't seen him since the auction..." Sam said, feeling bad for semi-lying. But she hadn't seen him, yes, she'd been at his house...But she didn't see him. "Speaking of which, did you have a good time? At the auction I mean..."
Alexis smiled, "I had too good of a time at the auction." she told her and looked a little sheepish. She didn't explain, she felt it better not to.