Lorenzo Alcazar (lo_alcazar) wrote in rpg_gh_drama,
Lorenzo Alcazar

Alcazar on the docks (Attn: Anna? Anyone?)

Lorenzo sighed as he stared out across the water at his yacht. Although he had enjoyed the company of Agent Stevens and the little display Carly had put on, the previous night had disapointed him for one reason. Skye. The mother of his child. A child he hadn't even met or held yet. He'd been unable to speak with her. He knew that she didn't want him anywhere near her or their child and forcing her to speak with him wouldn't have been right given the nature of the event they'd attended for charity. Lorenzo had missed out on Diego's entire childhood and now it seemed like the same would probably happen with the child he'd created with Skye. There had to be a way to reach her and yet sulking on the docks wasn't getting him any closer to his child.

He turned quickly as the sound of footsteps approached. With all the enemies he'd made in this town, Lorenzo had learned to always be on the defensive. You never knew when your next step could be your last in Port Charles.
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